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Numero Uno Pizza was founded in 1973 with its first store in Northridge, CA. The company features a casual dining restaurant famous for its deep dish pizza with its unique flavored crust and savory sauce. Good to its name, our pizza has been voted “Number One” pizza by numerous and varied media in the Los Angeles area over the years. The company has built a strong reputation around exceptional food featuring only the highest quality ingredients for our toppings including 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese. Our menu also offers Thin Crust Pizza, Signature Lasagna and a variety of pastas, appetizers, salads and sandwiches.


CONCEPT: We are a full-service casual Italian restaurant featuring a deep dish pizza unique in its flavor and taste, and a variety of pastas entrees, salads, sandwiches and soup. Numero Uno also has 'Take-Out' and 'Delivery' Stores with limited menu.

THE COMPANY: Numero Uno started with a single store in Northridge, Ca in 1973 and began franchising in 1975. We now have stores that range from Ventura to Orange counties. Numero Uno’s pizza has been voted ”Los Angeles' Best” many times over the years. Our slogan says it all, "One Bite and We Gotcha".

OPERATIONS: Our Operations Team is comprised of top executives and field personnel with over 60 years experience in the restaurant industry.

MARKETING: Over 37 years of marketing experience and professional help to build your business.

REAL ESTATE: We help you find and choose your location, negotiate leases, contracting, equipment purchases and leasehold improvements. We advise on demographics and help with local permitting processes.

TRAINING: Comprehensive one-on-one training covers all aspects of operations, purchasing, personnel, local store marketing and accounting procedures. Held at our training store in North Hollywood, California.

HERE'S WHAT IT TAKES: Our most successful franchises are owner/operators who have a passion for good food, love people and a high desire to succeed. In todays economy, Numero Uno is expertise is on conversions of existing restaurants and taking over locations that are no longer in operation. Investment could range from $50k - $200k. This investment would be associated with franchise fee, equipment, permits and other related costs to opening a Numero Uno.


Q: What kind of locations are considered for a Numero Uno Full-Service Restaurant?

A: Strip centers, free-standing buildings and store fronts located in areas of high visibility and in locations that people are at frequently for other reasons.

Q: What is the typical size and rent for a Full-Service Numero Uno Restaurant?

A: Typically, a Numero Uno Restaurant will be between 1,400 square feet and up. This will provide adequate seating, but is small enough to keep rent expense minimized.

Q: Does Numero Uno provide financing?

A: Numero Uno does not directly provide financing, however, it will put you in contact with lending institutions and leasing companies that it has used in the past and with whom it has a working relationship.

Q: Where may I locate my Numero Uno Full-Service Restaurant?

A: In addition to the criteria set forth in the first question and answer, it is desirable, if possible, to find a location which allows for easy access to you restaurant. Delivery in a full service restaurant is optional.

Q: May I find my own Numero Uno Location?

A: Yes! But, Numero Uno must approve the site and lease. Numero Uno has the experinced people in negotiating leases.

Q: Do I receive guidance on the purchase of inventory and supplies?

A: Prior to the opening of your restaurant, you will be put through a thorough training program which covers all aspects of managing your Numero Uno Full-Service Restaurant. This will include hands-on kitchen training, food preparation, purchasing, inventory control, hiring and training techniques, delivery techniques, accounting procedures, marketing and advertising - just to mention a few. Numero Uno will also provide, at no cost, training for additional members of your family or management team and employees as well.

Q: What supplies must be purchased from Numero Uno?

A: Nothing is purchased directly from Numero Uno. However, there are certain proprietary products (i.e. dough, pizza sauce, boxes). All proprietary products are purchased by Numero Uno authorized distributors.

Q: Does Numero Uno have a major supplier and what is the advantage of this to me?

A: Numero Uno continually negotiates prices and on an annual basis, requests bids from qualified suppliers to service its account. Numero Uno enters into a preferred account relationship with a primary supplier which locks in pricing on a plus basis. Typically, this pricing is substantially better than an individual unit or a smaller company could obtain. Numero Uno purchases millions of dollars per year from its primary supplier and this purchasing power has actually helped Numero Uno reduce its food cost in a marketplace where prices have continuously increased.

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